If you have a public harp event happening in the UK, whether it's a solo or chamber concert, harp workshop, festival, illustrated talk; if it's anything to do with the harp please let us know. Email us the information and we'll put it up on the events listings on the UKHA website. We want the UKHA website to be the place on the web to find out where harp events are taking place across the UK.

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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 07 "Come and Try the Harp"
Jan 07 Hidden Gem Concert
Jan 12 Lunchtime Concerts, Young Artists' Series with Oliver Wass
Jan 12 Recital by Elizabeth Bass, Silver Medal winner at the Tenth USA International Harp Competition in Bloomington, 2016
Jan 21 Birmingham Harp Day 2017
Jan 26 Masterclass with Isabelle Perrin
Jan 28 Trinity Orchestra - Mozart's Concerto for Flute & Harp
Jan 31 Guildhall Harpists and Friends Recital
Feb 04 CD Release: 1 Man Band by Ben Creighton Griffiths
Feb 12 "Something Jazzy" - Workshop with Eleanor Turner
Feb 12 "A Garden of Delight" - Concert by Eleanor Turner
Feb 25 Thames Concerts - Zamira Duo
Mar 02 Solo Harp Recital - Mary Reid
Mar 02 Guildhall Harpists' Showcase
Mar 03 Catrin Finch Recital
Mar 04 Cardiff Camac Harp Weekend
Mar 05 Bromley Festival of Music & Speech 2017
Mar 05 Glissando at Herstmonceux Castle
Mar 05 Harp Duo Recital
Mar 08 Isabelle Perrin Masterclass
Mar 09 Richard Allen Recital
Mar 09 Trinity Laban Harp Department
Mar 09 RNCM Harp Ensemble Concert
Mar 10 Arpatagora Harp Trio
Mar 12 Seraphim Concert
Mar 20 Hugh Webb Masterclass
Mar 20 Marsica Trio
Mar 21 London Harp Quartet
Mar 22 Avians, Arachnids and Mosquitos! - The music of Paul Patterson
Mar 24 Scaramouch Flute & Harp Duo
Mar 25 Harp Classes at Bristol Festival of Music, Speech and Drama 2017
Mar 27 Cor Anglais and Harp Concert
Mar 29 Twelfth Day
Mar 30 Guildhall Harpists & Friends Recital
Mar 31 Ibacus Adults Harp Course
Apr 02 RNCM Young Harps Workshop
Apr 12 Wales Harp Festival 2017
Apr 18 8th International Harp Competition
Apr 18 Harp Master Class - Assia Cunego
Apr 22 The Time Travellers Guide to the Medieval Harp in England
Apr 23 Glissando at Ropetackle
Apr 28 Masterclass with Visiting Professor Milda Agazarian
Apr 28 PELLEAS ENSEMBLE with Oliver Wass
Apr 30 2017 North London Festival Harp Classes and Camac Competition
May 05 Harp Masterclass with Marisa Robles
May 06 An Evening with Sir Karl Jenkins 'The Armed Man' & other works.
May 06 Alina Bzhezhinska Sextet
May 07 UKHA AGM & Concert
May 08 Meet & Retreat Monthly
May 12 Guy McGrath Harp Prize
May 12 Girls 4 Harps
May 13 Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto
May 14 Young Harps at RNCM
May 14 Marisa Robles 80th Birthday Concert
May 15 Eleanor Turner Harp Lunchtime Concert
May 16 London Harp Quartet Lunchtime Recital
May 17 Trinity Laban Open Day
May 18 Eleanor Turner - Solo Harp Concert
May 18 Zamira Duo in Concert
May 19 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet
May 19 Guildhall Harpists in Recital
May 21 Staffordshire Harp Day 2017
May 21 Harp Masterclass & Recital - Sylvain Blassel
May 21 French Friends and Rivals at the Guildhall School
May 23 Trinity Laban Holywell Showcase Concert
May 24 Classical Harp & Guitar Concert
May 26 Trinity Laban Harp Finals
May 26 Harp, Cello & Violin Concert
May 27 Harp Recital by Elizabeth Bass
May 29 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet
Jun 01 Clouds Harp on Tour 1st-15th June
Jun 02 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet
Jun 04 Royal Academy Final Recitals
Jun 10 Harp Workshop with Eleanor Turner & Lisa Wright
Jun 11 Harp Masterclass: Fabrice Pierre ** AMENDMENT **
Jun 12 Meet & Retreat Monthly
Jun 13 Royal Academy Showcase Concert
Jun 20 Trinity Laban Harp Masterclass & Recita
Jun 21 Italian Triple Harp
Jun 22 Trinity Laban Harps
Jun 23 Clarsach Society Weekend Harp Course
Jun 24 Mary Reid in Concert
Jun 27 Harp & Cupcake Concert!
Jun 30 Retreat to the Harp
Jun 30 Proms St. Jude
Jul 01 Cottingham Harp Weekend
Jul 01 Mike Parker Harp Recital
Jul 01 Oxford Harmonic Society
Jul 02 Eleanor Turner - Family Concert
Jul 02 Eleanor Turner & Friends
Jul 04 Eleanor Turner Lunchtime concert
Jul 05 Buckingham Festival
Jul 05 Rhythms of Rio
Jul 05 Buckingham Festival - Jenny Broome
Jul 06 Miguel Atwood-Ferguson: Suite for Ma Dukes Jazz Band
Jul 07 Miguel Atwood-Ferguson: Suite for Ma Dukes
Jul 08 Trio Sospiroso Concert
Jul 09 162 Strings on a Sunday Afternoon - 94 Strings Harp Duo
Jul 20 Alina Bzhezhinska at the National Gallery of Scotland
Jul 24 4 Girls 4 Harps
Jul 29 The British Isles Music Festival
Jul 29 Harp Masterclass Series
Aug 04 Alina Bzhezhinska & Tony Kofi Jazz Duo
Aug 12 Harp Masterclass Series
Aug 14 Ibacus International Harp Course - Summer 2017
Aug 18 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet
Aug 19 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet
Aug 28 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet - Alice Coltrane 80th Birthday Celebration
Aug 30 Glasbury Arts Harp Summer School
Sep 02 7th International Harp Festival - Italy
Sep 02 Harp Masterclass Series (3)
Sep 08 Solo Harp Recital By Candlelight - Mary Reid
Sep 09 Newcastle Harp Workshop with Eira Lynn Jones
Sep 20 The Juniper Project - Flute & Harp Concert
Sep 22 Saltaire Camac Harp Weekend
Sep 24 Cleveland Chamber Orchestra
Sep 26 RNCM Open Day
Sep 29 Weekend Clarsach Course at Benslow Music
Sep 30 Cello and Harp Recital
Oct 08 Young Harps at the RNCM
Oct 08 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet at Green Note Jazz Club
Oct 12 Jazz Harpist Alina Bzhezhinska
Oct 13 Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet at Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club
Oct 15 Hempstead Harp Party
Oct 19 Oliver Wass Rush Hour Recital
Oct 20 Harp on Wight Festival
Oct 20 Juan Garcia at Trinity Laban
Oct 26 Trinity Laban Harp Department Recital
Oct 29 Sunday at Six - Harp Recital with Inbar Vernia
Nov 02 Royal Academy of Music - The Realm Of Night
Nov 09 Duo Cecchina
Nov 09 Masterclass with Catrin Finch
Nov 10 Trinity Laban Harp Dept Open Day
Nov 10 Catrin Finch Masterclass
Nov 10 Trinity Laban Harps Recital
Nov 11 Monteverdi Vespers
Nov 16 GSMD Harp Dept Open Day
Nov 16 Dusk To Dawn CD Tour
Nov 16 GSMD Harp Dept Open Day
Nov 17 Dusk to Dawn CD Tour
Nov 17 Harp Plus One
Nov 18 Dusk to Dawn CD Tour
Nov 19 Chamber Music Recital
Nov 19 London Jazz Harpers Jazz Jam
Nov 21 Chamber Music with Harp
Nov 23 Dusk to Dawn CD Tour
Nov 24 Harp, Flute & Violin recital
Nov 24 Chamber Music with Harp
Nov 26 Red Carpet Tour - Gabriella Dall'Olio
Nov 26 Elinor Bennett in Concert
Nov 27 Lunchtime Recital with Rita Schindler
Nov 27 Dusk to Dawn CD Tour
Dec 01 A Deux Recital
Dec 03 UKHA Christmas Party - Cardiff
Dec 17 UKHA Christmas Party - London

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