United Kingdom Harp Association

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 - Publish HARP magazine: Our twice-yearly magazine keeps you informed of all the news in the harp world; it includes reviews of new music, recordings, concerts and courses, features relevant and interesting articles on harp topics; provides advertising space for harp-related events, products and much more.
 - Our online hub allows members to stay informed of upcoming events, manage their subscriptions, receive regular e-newsletters, book events, share online resources and view our archives.
 - Hold exciting in person and online harp events!
 - Through sponsorship, we support prominent harp events in the UK .
 - Members can apply for a financial award of up to £500 towards any project that includes the harp, such as concerts, workshops, master classes, recording, community and outreach work. 
 - Our Emerging Artists Scheme guides and supports aspiring professional harpists at the outset of their careers through a series of collaborative concerts.
 - Host performance opportunities for the prize winners of the United Kingdom Harp Competition.
 - Offer a reduction on harp insurance and accessories through Jack Hayward Insurance

  • Any harpist: professional, student and amateur.
  • Anyone who has services to offer the harp community.
  • Anyone who loves the instrument and has any interest relating to the harp.


The origins of The United Kingdom Harp Association go back to 1959 when, during the First International Harp Contest held in Israel, Pierre Jamet proposed the formation of an international harpists society to be known as the Association Internationale des Harpistes et Amis de la Harpe. 
This scheme had gone ahead in many countries across the world. Maria Korchinska was asked by Jamet to consider the formation of a United Kingdom section, assisted by Michael Jefferies and John Marson. From a survey carried out among leading professional harpists in London, it was found that there existed considerable support for the idea. It was therefore agreed to proceed, and the United Kingdom Harpists Association was formed on 1st October 1964. Since then the association has opened its membership not only to professional players but also to students, amateurs and lovers of the instrument and is now known as the United Kingdom Harp Association.

The first President was John Morley.

The current President is Sioned Williams and Vice-President is Ruth Faber.

 UKHA Logo: Hilary Willson